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Last updated August 2019


Please ensure you read and understand our full terms and conditions together with our privacy policy as together they detail your rights and responsibilities as a user of hairandbeautyjobs.com. Using our site means you agree to abide by our terms in their entirety.

If you do not agree to these terms or our privacy policy, you must not use the site.

Explanation of terms used:

‘HBJ’ refers to our website hairandbeautyjobs.com. ‘Services’ refers to the internet based advertising mediums offered by HBJ for the purpose of promoting a business or recruiting personnel

(1) Terms of use

General Purpose

The hairandbeautyjobs.com website is designed for the use of individuals for the purposes of obtaining information in relation to the careers relevant to this website and for seeking employment therein. It is also designed for the purpose of recruiters who are wishing to promote their business or industry or recruit personnel for the specific job roles in relation to the lawful operation of their business. You are therefore authorised to download material for the sole purpose of that stated and understand that any unauthorised use or distribution of such material may violate copyright, trademark and other laws. HBJ retains the copyright in materialist supplies, whether in electronic or other format.

Access to this site for individuals is at no charge and therefore information provided is done so on the basis of no liability to hairandbeautyjobs.com. In particular we accept no liability for any direct or indirect loss, profit or goodwill arising from use of the site.

(2) Employers and Recruiters

(2.1) Registration

(2.1.1) As a recruiter or advertiser you will be required to register on this site and in doing so you agree to supply information which is complete, accurate and true at all times. You must also ensure that you have the right to any information you disclose regarding third parties, in particular trade secrets, intellectual property or other information, which is copyrighted.

(2.1.2) In registering as a recruiter or advertiser you will have to set personal login details for your account. You agree to be responsible for keeping your login details secure and not to share your access with any third parties. If your account login details get into the session of a third party you should immediately notify HBJ so we can change and issue you with new login details.

(2.2) Job Adverts

(2.2.1) The recruiter agrees only to advertise genuine vacancies for lawful positions within lawful companies.

(2.2.2) The recruiter agrees to remove their job advert if the vacancy is filled before the date the advert is set to expire.

(2.2.3) The recruiter is entirely responsible for the content of their advert even if HBJ has provided copywriting assistance. You must check that any content on your job advert is accurate and is in no way misleading, discriminatory, defamatory or in any way could bring the reputation of HBJ into disrepute. HBJ reserves the right to remove any job advert at any time and without prior warning if we feel the content contravenes employment law or our terms.

(2.2.4) At the discretion of HBJ we may allow the recruiter to provide a hyperlink from their job advert to an external website for the purpose only of providing additional information about the hiring company and/or for candidates to follow the recruiter’s own bespoke application procedures. You warrant that any external site from the hyperlink is purely for the intentions here listed and that you take responsibility for ensuring accuracy and safe workings of content resulting thereof. You agree that HBJ cannot be held liable for any circumstances resulting out of referral HBJ visitors accessing these external sites via your hyperlink.

(2.2.5) Vacancies posted on HBJ may appear on third party recruitment websites such as job aggregator sites where agreement between the third party site and HBJ has allowed such sharing to occur.

(2.2.6) HBJ cannot guarantee a response to job adverts or a guarantee to the suitability of candidates that apply.

(2.3) Candidate applications

(2.3.1) HBJ is in no way responsible for any inaccurate or misleading claims made by candidates in relation to an application to your job (s). You are responsible for checking the validity of academic and professional qualifications and any other claims made by candidates in response to your advertised position (s). HBJ can not be held accountable for any claims arising as a result of any candidate hired through an advert on HBJ.

(2.3.2) You are responsible for administration of the recruitment process including arrangement of interviews, trade tests, sourcing candidate references and job offers. HBJ do not accept liability for any loss or damage, which may occur as a result of any candidate communication or conduct occurring along any part of the recruitment process, both pre and post employment.

(2.3.3) You will agree to deal in a professional and fair way with any individual who responds to your job advertisement. HBJ reserves the right to remove any job advert where we feel candidates are not being dealt with in a fair way during the application process or after commencing employment with yourself. You also agree to indemnify HBJ against any claim arising as a result of breaches of this obligation.

(2.3.4) As HBJ is not involved in any communication between individuals and employers in relation to specific job roles or information published, it cannot be responsible or accept any liability for the accuracy of information which may later be depended on for employment purposes.

(2.3.5) You agree to process the personal information of candidates provided to you as part of their job application in accordance with EU data protection laws and your obligations as set out in our privacy policy which forms part of our terms and conditions.

(2.3.6) As part of our data retention policy we will delete any job application records from a job adverts history within your account after a period of 120 days.

(2.4) Your Responsibilities with Accessing our Candidate Database

(2.4.1) The recruiter agrees that they should only access the candidate database with the express intention of contacting candidates for the purpose of recruitment. It is strictly against the terms of HBJ to access the candidate database with any other purpose. Furthermore you agree any information you gain from the candidate database must be treated in a secure fashion and in compliance with data protection laws and only for the purpose of potential employment of that candidate for vacant job roles. Please see our privacy policy for further information on your obligations around this.

(2.4.2) If you have purchased access to our candidate database then it should only be accessed by you. You should not grant access to the candidate database on HBJ with any 3rd parties.

(2.4.3) You must not supply or sell any material from the candidate database, or any copy of it, to any third party.

(2.5) General advertising (Banners, EMailers, Company Profiles)

(2.5.1) If you enter in to any agreement in relation to advertising company material on this website or showcasing company logos, marks, registered designs or other promotional motifs or media, you agree to work with HBJ in relation to all technical matters such as providing copy, HTML images etc within the reasonable timeframes necessary to publish the material or information, by agreed deadlines.

(2.5.2) By displaying information or material on this site you agree to any registered individual or user to access such information and to store, download or view the content for personal use only

(2.5.3) All employers using this site to publish information or material, whether paid for or otherwise, must do so without knowingly providing any such information which may be untrue or inaccurate or misleading in any way.

(2.5.4) HBJ may at their discretion grant permission for an advertiser to provide a hyperlink to specific external websites. In such circumstances you agree to ensure the content on this external site does not contravene any law or compromise the web safety of any referral visitor from HBJ.

(2.5.5) HBJ does not guarantee any minimum level of responses to advertisements placed on HBJ in terms of page views or clicks. Nor does HBJ guarantee any views or open click rates to emailers sent to the candidate database.

Terms of Business

(3) Services and Products available

(3.1) For recruiters and related companies, HBJ provides internet based services that enable them to publish material about their business, advertise genuine job roles in order to attract candidates for potential employment and access the candidate database for the purpose of recruiting staff. Such services include but are not restricted to:

- Job postings

- Company profile pages and branded company minisites

- Home page banners

- Bespoke branded eshots

- Access to the candidate database

A full description of our available services is displayed in the recruiters area of HBJ. A current list of services can also be requested by contacting us on 0333 305 2107 or emailing us at admin@hairandbeautyjobs.com

(3.2) HBJ reserves the right to change the nature and availability of services and products at any time and without any prior warning.

(3.3) HBJ have strict terms of conduct in relation to advertising on HBJ or accessing the candidate database. These can be found in section 3 of these terms. You should seek to both understand and agree with our terms before you purchase any of our services.

(4) Pricing

(4.1) Rate card tariffs for most of our employer and recruiter services are displayed in the Recruiter Area of HBJ. Where tariffs are not displayed on the website (for example annual advertising packages) companies can request details by calling us on 0333 305 2107 or email us on admin@hairandbeautyjobs.com

(4.2) Prices will be quoted exclusive of vat. The level of vat applied will be at the standard rate of UK VAT at time of purchase. Companies based outside of the UK will be exempt from paying UK VAT providing they are recruiting for a business located outside of the United Kingdom. To opt for VAT exemption on your company profile you will be required to contact HBJ.

(4.3) Discounts may be offered from time to time at the discretion of HBJ.

(4.4) HBJ reserves the right to change their tariffs from time to time.

(4.5) You agree to abide by the contractual obligations of HBJ with regards to procedures and pricing in relation to all tariffs as offered.

(5) Purchases

(5.1) Recruiters and advertisers can make purchases of job adverts and other services offered by HBJ online at HBJ via our secure payment gateway service or over the phone to an HBJ operator by arranging advertising via BACS or terminal payment.

(5.2) Online transactions
Job advert credits and most other services can be purchased via our secure payment gateway service and can be purchased individually or alongside other services. Advertising cannot commence until full payment has been successfully transferred to HBJ. Once payment has been entered and successfully processed you will be issued with an electronic vat receipt for your records. HBJ do not store credit or debit card details but will record the payment date and amount paid by the advertiser.

(5.3) Payment over the phone
Recruiters and advertisers can make payment for job credits and/or other services over the telephone by calling 0333 305 2107 and speaking with an HBJ operator. You will be issued with an electronic vat receipt for your records once payment has been successfully processed.

(6) Delivery policy

(6.1) Job advert postings

(6.1.1) For job advert credits purchased online you will be given access to post an advert as soon as your payment has been successfully processed and you have accepted our terms of conduct with regards to posting job adverts and dealing with any subsequent applications.

(6.1.2) For advertising requested via BACS or Direct Debit arrangement we will activate your credits once payment has been received.

(6.1.3) For companies that have signed an advertising agreement to receive an agreed number of job advert credits each month over a set period, we will ensure that your account is credited with the allotted number on the agreed date.

(6.2) Access to the candidate database

(6.2.1) For candidate database access that is paid in full online via our secure server your access to the candidate database will be granted as soon as your payment has been successfully processed and you have accepted our terms of conduct for accessing our database of candidates and processing their personal information.

(6.2.2) For companies that wish to access our candidate database via an advertising agreement, access will be granted on the agreed date each month in conjunction with your cleared monthly payment if applicable.

(7) Branded advertising

(7.1) You will be advised to call 0333 305 2107 in advance of booking any branded advertising space to check on availability. You will be provided with specifications at the time of booking your slot in the advertising schedule. If you are supplying artwork we will require this within 24 hours of your reserved start date. Providing you have supplied your artwork by the deadline set and it meets with our agreed specifications your branded advertising will appear on HBJ as per the date booked.

(7.2) If HBJ is supplying artwork we will endeavour to have a draft of the branded advertising artwork over to you for approval no later than 48 hours before your reserved date. This may be dependent on you providing us with requested imagery and copy to use within your branded advertising. Providing artwork is signed off by the reserved date, your branded advertising will appear on HBJ according to the dates and for the duration you have booked.

(8) Cancellation

(8.1) Cancellation of advertising contracts

(8.1.1) After a recruiter or advertiser has signed their advertising agreement with HBJ they have a ‘cooling period’ of 7 days (providing no advertising has gone live) commencing from the day after their contract has been signed by which they may cancel their agreement with HBJ. This request must be made in writing and posted to our registered office at 43a Chertsey Road, Woking, Surrey, GU31 5AJ and be acknowledged to have been received by us for your request for cancellation to take place.

(8.1.2) If a recruiter or advertiser wishes to cancel their advertising agreement with HBJ once their advertising is underway they must be able to demonstrate that HBJ is in material breach of the agreement terms and furthermore that HBJ was made aware of this breach in writing and further to acknowledging in writing that such a breach did in fact exist then did not rectify said breach within 10 days on being notified. In circumstances of the latter, the recruiter or advertiser will be subject to a one month notice period. All requests to terminate an agreement must be received and acknowledged as such at our registered office at 43a Chertsey Road, Woking, GU21 5AJ.

(8.1.3) HBJ reserves the right to cancel any advertising contract where the recruiter is in material breach of contract terms and conditions and has not rectified these breaches within 10 days of being notified. HBJ may also cancel an advertising contract if the company has ceased trading, been declared insolvent or gone into liquidation. HBJ is not required to give a notice period.

(8.1.4) Cancellation of individual job adverts

A job advert should be removed in the circumstances of the vacancy having been filled in advance of the 30 day advert timescale. A job advert may also be removed if we deem that it is in breach of our advertising terms and conditions.

(9) Refund Policy

(9.1) Job adverts

(9.1.1) In agreeing to our terms and conditions, the recruiter accepts that HBJ cannot guarantee a response to your advertisements in terms of candidate numbers or suitability of applicants to vacancies advertised. Absolutely no refunds can therefore be issued in relation to the volume or quality of candidate applications to an advertised vacancy.

(9.1.2)) Job adverts are set to default to a live period of 30 days. Please note that no refund, partial or otherwise, will be issued if your advert is withdrawn or the position filled before the end of its 30 day cycle.

(9.1.3) The recruiter accepts that if they purchase multiple job credits it is the recruiter’s responsibility to utilise those job credits within the timeframe set out in the agreement. HBJ will not issue refunds for unused job credits.

(9.1.4) It is the recruiters responsibility to ensure their advertisement is accurate and contains no errors. In the unlikely situation where an advertisement contains an error caused by HBJ and this detracts from the quality of the advertisement, then provided the recruiter has given notice of the error before the advert expires HBJ will amend the error and publish the same advert for a 2nd time at no additional cost to the buyer.

(9.2) CV (candidate database) search facility

(9.2.1) In agreeing to our terms and conditions the recruiter accepts that HBJ cannot guarantee a minimum number of CV’s available for viewing through the candidate database search service. Neither can HBJ vouch for the quality of the CV’s or accuracy of information displayed within the candidate database. Absolutely no refunds will be issued relating to the volume or quality of CV’s displayed on a search of the candidate database.

(9.3) Branded advertising

(9.3.1) In agreeing to our terms and conditions the advertiser accepts that HBJ cannot guarantee a response from interested parties or a minimum number of web clicks. Absolutely no refunds will be issued relating to the performance of branded advertising.

(9.3.2) HBJ undertakes to publish your branded advertising by the agreed date and duration as set out in your agreement. HBJ accepts no responsibility if your branded advertising does not go up on the due date by reason of you the advertiser not supplying requested materials or approving draft artwork within the set defined period. Nor will any refund be issued in such a situation.

(9.3.3) If HBJ is responsible for your branded advertising not going live on the booked date then HBJ will find an alternative advertising slot at no additional cost to the buyer. 

(10) HBJ rights

(10.1) We reserve the right at all times to change in any way as we see fit the design, layout or content of the website in accordance with the needs of the business.

(10.2) We accept no liability for any loss, damage, profits or goodwill incurred through any material published on this website by any company doing so paid or otherwise.

(10.3) HBJ cannot guarantee continual operation of this website and will not be responsible for interruptions to this as a result of loss or breakdown in the supply of electric or telephonic systems or technical problems incurred by the server or website itself.

(10.4) Disclaimer HBJ accepts no responsibility or liability for any financial loss or damage, whether physical, pecuniary, economic or to goodwill experienced by any user of this web site whether as an individual user accessing information without charge or as an employer posting jobs or advertising or advertising information in line with the fee charged. This includes any loss or damages resulting in an inability to use the web site due to computer virus affecting the web site or server. The laws of England & Wales apply exclusively to this contract.

(11) Changes to Terms

We may make changes to these terms in the future. Every time you wish to use our site please check our terms and only proceed to use our services if you agree to abide by our terms. We will publish the date our terms were last updated at the top of the document.