Refund policy

 Refund Policy

(1) Job adverts

(1.1) In agreeing to our terms and conditions, the recruiter accepts that HBJ cannot guarantee a response to your advertisements in terms of candidate numbers or suitability of applicants to vacancies advertised. Absolutely no refunds can therefore be issued in relation to the volume or quality of candidate applications to an advertised vacancy.

(1.2) Job adverts are set to default to a live period of 30 days. Please note that no refund, partial or otherwise, will be issued if your advert is withdrawn or the position filled before the end of its 30 day cycle.

(1.3) The recruiter accepts that if they purchase multiple job credits it is the recruiter’s responsibility to utilise those job credits within the timeframe set out in the agreement. HBJ will not issue refunds for unused job credits.

(1.4) It is the recruiters responsibility to ensure their advertisement is accurate and contains no errors. In the unlikely situation where an advertisement contains an error caused by HBJ and this detracts from the quality of the advertisement, then provided the recruiter has given notice of the error before the advert expires HBJ will amend the error and publish the same advert for a 2nd time at no additional cost to the buyer.